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This is just a small selection of my work. I hope you like it. I have worked across all media including online, press, outdoor, direct mail, ambient, in-store, radio and TV.


If you'd like to know more about the sectors I have worked in, please visit the Clients page.


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alzheimers ad

Client: The Alzheimer's Society Agency: Arthur (and direct to client)

Proposition: There's more to a person than their Alzheimer's disease.

Media: Posters, press.




Description: These posters were designed to be put up in community spaces (libraries, community halls,

council buildings...). However, they proved so successful, the campaign was extended to include press and

larger poster sites. It has now been running for over two years, and helped Arthur to win a permanent place

on the Alzheimer's Society roster.



Client: Boots / Aussie Hair Care Agency: Craik Jones (now part of Proximity)

Proposition: It takes 3 minutes to get great hair with Aussie.

Media: Direct mail.


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Description: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner has to be left on wet hair for three minutes. So the plastic Aussie Philosophy sheet in the pack was designed to stick to the wall of the shower, giving you something

to read while you wait for the conditioner to work.



ba speach marks

Client: BA (World Cargo) Agency: Joshua (now G2 Joshua)

Proposition: Nobody looks after their customers' needs like we do.

Media: Trade press.




Description: These ads were rotated in trade press for over two years (so I presume they were successful).




britvic web iconClient: Britvic (Robinson's Fruit Shoot) Agency: The Marketing Store
Proposition: Here's everything you need for a great party

Media: Online




Description: These games, decorations and activity sheets are available to download for free from the

Fruit Shoot website. I've actually used some of them at my niece's 5th birthday party. The only complaint

she had was, there are no princesses on them!



cables and wireless adClient: Cable & Wireless Agency: Joshua (now G2 Joshua)

Proposition: We promise to save you money on your phone bill, or we'll give you back double the difference. Media: Press, door drops, direct mail.




Description: This campaign won the £25 million Cable & Wireless account for Joshua. It was created when

the cable telephone market was in its infancy, and helped to establish Cable & Wireless as a major player

in the UK. As a Group Head at Joshua, I was responsible for running the account for over three years.



beermat adClient: Diageo / Portman Group (Drink Aware) Agency: Craik Jones (now part of Proximity)

Proposition: Make students aware of just how much they're drinking.

Media: Beer mats, scratchcards, bar staff t-shirts, bottle-neck labels, mirror stickers,

door drops (notes pushed under doors and put in pigeonholes).




Description: I can't claim to have stopped students drinking. But research carried out before and after the campaign showed we had at least educated them. After the campaign, they knew how many units of alcohol were in their drinks, and how to cut down (a bit) on a night out.



dma ad

Client: DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Agency: Joshua (now G2 Joshua)

Proposition: It's time to enter the DMA Awards

Media: Trade press, direct mail (call for entries / invitation to the Awards Ceremony),

drinks tickets.




Description: The unofficial proposition was “Come and kick the arse of the people who won last year.” So the arse on the press ad belongs to John Townshend, then CD at Rapier. The campaign also included a DM pack featuring staff from CMB, Rapier and DP&A, all bending over.



dreamies ad

Client: Masterfoods (Dreamies) Agency: Arthur

Proposition: Dogs get treats. So cats should get treats too.

Media: Social media, sampling, staff and public engagement stunts.




Description: Over 80% of dog owners give treats to their pets. But only 40% of cats receive regular treats.

So we created a social media campaign to encourage the nation's cat owners to TREAT CATS FAIR!

At time of writing, the Treats For Cats Facebook page has had almost 60,000 Likes, and 2 million free

samples have been distributed in shopping centres around the country.



mc donalds olympic ad

Client: McDonald's (Mascotathon)
Agency: The Marketing Store

Proposition: Encourage kids to get active in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics.

Media: Online.




Description: As the 2012 mascots Wenlock and Mandeville travelled round the country, kids were encouraged

to follow their progress and power them to their destination via the McDonald’s Mascotathon website.

10 million step-o-meters, jump-o-meters, running batons and bat and ball sets were distributed to

children around the UK. Each one had an embedded counting device. When a child used their toy, their activity was recorded on the counter, and they could enter the reading into the website. Their points would then be converted into “Rainbow Power” to help power Wenlock and Mandeville to their next destination.



pedigree ad

Client: Masterfoods (Pedigree) Agency: Joshua (now G2 Joshua)

Proposition: Join the community of dog-lovers all across the country.

Media: Direct mail, door drops, website with user-generated content,

emails, calendar.




Description: Every dog has something that makes him unique and special. So we created a place for owners

to share stories, post pictures and get advice -


10,000 loyal customers were sent the DM pack, inviting them to create their own online dog blog. The site

also featured downloadable screen savers, Dog of the Month emails, a personalisable calendar, as well as vouchers and special offers



pru ad

Client: PruHealth
Agency: Rapier

Proposition: Discounts on health insurance, for people who look after their health.

Media: Cross-track posters, tube cards, ambient media such as giveaway water bottles.




Description: PruHealth was the first company to offer discounts to people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Customers were rewarded if they ate healthily and took some exercise. They could keep track of their

progress online at


The website was supported by tube cards, cross-track posters and ambient media including water

bottles and free PruHealth branded sporting equipment.



schroder ad

Client: Schroders
Agency: Wand

Proposition: Making investment literature understandable for our clients.

Media: Brochure (hand out, and sent to investors).




Description: This brochure was distributed to private investors, direct or through IFAs, to help them

understand complex investment literature. Now a brochure may not be the most exciting thing

to put in your portfolio, but I'm a freelance writer so I wanted you to know I can do heavyweight stuff.



Client: Virgin Trains Agency: Craik Jones (now part of Proximity)

Proposition: When you travel First Class on Virgin Trains you get a whole lot more,

for not a lot more.

First Class on Virgin Trains. Media: Direct mail.




Description: The mailing was sent out to regular business travelers, encouraging them to upgrade to

First Class.